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Vietnamese teachers online

(Ngày đăng: 17/07/2021)
Online Vietnamese courses via Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype, courses for kids, adults, from beginner to advanced. Hotline/zalo: +84 902516288 (Ms. Mai).

SGV Foreign Language School opens Vietnamese teachers online with a flexible schedule depending on learners’ requirements. Learners can apply to private classes or group classes from our school.

Our teachers already have over 5 years of teaching experience and a Bachelor’s Degree in Vietnamese major.

Our teachers professionally use teaching tools via Internet, effectively communicating methods, and a well interacting ability.

Our online Vietnamese programs include:

Communication courses: we specialize in communication training from basic to advanced, and warrant to help learners effectively communicate after a short time.

Certification Exam Preparation courses: teachers will guide learners' methods, skills to take an exam, and revise, and prepare necessary knowledge to achieve high scores in Vietnamese proficiency exams.

Pronunciation courses: learners will be trained in accurate pronunciation together with intonation by Vietnamese teachers.

Courses for commercial, restaurants – hotel, marketing, finance, accounting fields are trained for learners.

Speeding-up courses: travelers in need of improving their Vietnamese communication skills in a short time. The themes are central, focused on the most necessary knowledge adapting to learners’ speeding up learning goals.Vietnamese teachers online, sgv

Online Vietnamese learning format:

Learners communicate with teachers and classmates via Zoom or Google Meet.

Personal devices such as laptops, tablets, mobile can be used.

Learners can also give their opinions, and discuss their teachers directly.

Homework, software, materials are supported during the learning period.

Vietnamese classes are held from Monday to Sunday, and students register depending on their own time.

One-to-one lessons for a tailor-made curriculum. Online lessons can easily be customized to suit the student's needs.

Tuition fees for online Vietnamese course:

Private classes: 18 USD – 22 USD/hour, depending on the level.

For 3 – 5 members classes: 12USD – 15 USD/hour/person.

The Head Office: 629 Nguyen Kiem, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District, HCM City.

Hotline/zalo: +84 902516288 (Ms. Mai)

Email: saigonvina.henry@gmail.com for more information. Vietnamese teachers online at SGV.

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